Massage Therapist Maria Marks
Massage Therapist Maria Marks

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  • Jerry Lynn (Wednesday, March 12 14 08:47 am EDT)

    Maria was excellent! Very concerned & dedicated. Worked very hard on correcting my problem. I am now pain free!

  • Orlando Barros (Friday, March 14 14 12:06 pm EDT)

    I came in with back and lower body pains. After about 6 sessions I was feeling brand new again!!! Maria is a true professional and very excellent and understanding to your particular case. I
    recommend her to anyone looking for a massage therapist.

  • Jason Lee (Wednesday, April 02 14 07:48 pm EDT)

    Maria is a professional and has great skill. I have seen many massage therapist, and she is the best! I booked my next appointment already.

  • Adam Stroker (Wednesday, April 02 14 08:03 pm EDT)

    The overall atmosphere, cleanliness, and quality of the facility was professional and relaxing. The massage strokes felt firm, flowing, confident, and appropriate to the needs of my body. My
    experience was excellent and I would come back.

  • Maribel Segura (Tuesday, April 08 14 10:15 pm EDT)

    Amazing experience!! I highly recommend Maria. She knows what she is doing and knows what you need. So clean, so relaxing, great atmosphere. I am definately coming back.

  • Maria Olivieri (Wednesday, April 09 14 04:10 pm EDT)

    I just got the best massage of my life! Being a massage therapist myself, I know a great massage from a good one--and this was beyond great. Maria found--and effectively treated--areas that I didn't
    realize needed help. Her facility is clean and relaxing, and her professionalism--and skill--are beyond compare. I'm coming back soon!

  • Brigitte Schmitt (Friday, May 16 14 12:51 am EDT)

    "Massages For Healing" has given me back my active/ happy life when no one else cared enough to "listen" and help.
    I had taken a bad fall and realized that something had gone really wrong from the swelling and pain in my foot. So I went to urgent care and x-rays revealed what everyone there called a "sprain"
    ankle. I was directed to stay off my feet for few days.. which I did..
    However, as the pain intensified to an excruciating pain like, with a constant burning sensation mostly around the back of the heel and the side of the ankle to the sole of my feet. I also knew that
    it was not just the normal pain associated with a "sprain". So I revisited urgent care and was given crutches to help in not putting my foot down when walking around. Still no- one there addressed
    that unusual excruciating burning pain.... there was no other way to describe that felling but I knew that it was not normal pain associated with ankle sprain. After a second visit to Urgent Care, I
    was referred to an orthopedist for further evaluation.
    When I told the orthopedist of that burning pain in the back of my ankle, to the point that since the accident I had not been able to sleep because of it, his answer was to give me painkillers...
    since he himself could not even touch that area without a screaming pain.. He blamed that pain for an Achilles Tendon badly injured. He also gave me a boot to wear and told me to come back to see him
    in a month. Meanwhile the swelling and the burning pain intensified.
    That is when a friend told me about "Massages For Healing" and about Maria Marks the owner, who had helped her husband in the past.
    Full of hope, I made an appointment to see Maria and from that first visit, I knew that I had made the right decision.
    Maria took the time to understand and was very attentive to my concerns, location and level of pain, as well as she understood immediately that in order to look at it, evaluate it and treat it she
    needed first to be able to touch it and because of pain, I was very leery about her touching my foot...But her explanation of what she thought was wrong and medical data she supported her diagnostic
    with gave confidence that, finally, someone...Maria...was going to be helpful....I was right...Maria worked on my foot on that first session with all the care and patience needed to be able to get to
    the root of the problem...and by the time I left her that first day, I could finally breath a sight of relieve from that excruciating pain. I could not believe that she had been able to do that in
    one session. That night for the first time in five weeks I sleep!.
    Clearly it took a few more sessions for my foot to regain its normality in the look and feel...but with each session some different improvement were taking place, the pain level diminish and looked
    forward to treatment with each visit to the pain management center.
    Maria does not simply"massage" the injured area...she knows every bone and muscle in your body and work with it in special ways/ massages that promote the injured area healing process...with each
    visit. Maria started with some new information about some research she had been doing to confirm that she was going in the right direction with the treatment....That demonstrates how much she cares
    about her patient and her medical field.
    I went back for a fallow up visit with my orthopedist, in between visits to Maria, and he was amazed what Maria had done and based on what she had been able to do. He them confirmed that the
    excruciating pain I was experiencing must have been part of the very unusual CRPS effect which Maria clearly had detected and treated.
    But the most remarkable aspect of having Maria work on you injury is her total commitment to get you well!. She is gentle with pain but firm with the bone/muscle that needs to respond to that healing
    process that she is after..... Maria will take the time that is needed to accomplish what she aims for, for every visit.....Each visit, brought some dramatic improvement to my foot problem and I am
    very grateful to Maria for her knowledge.
    As I am older and know that I will have more pain and injuries, my only worry is that Maria will retire and won't be around when I need her again.....

    Brigitte Schmitt
    Department Manager Cosmetic/Fragrances
    Saks Fifth Avenue

  • Canan Yazgan (Thursday, May 22 14 10:19 am EDT)

    Maria is the best therapist I have ever had! Not only is she a hard worker but she is an expert in her field. I had been suffering with massive headaches for a long time, and after a few treatments,
    I am headache free. And now, we are working on healthy body! and mind! Thank you Maria.

  • Leslie A. Twiss (Thursday, August 21 14 06:04 am EDT)

    Maria is incredible, I have been seeing her since this May once a week for major pain issues and mobility issues. My husband and I do Ballroom Dancing and with all the pain I was experiencing and
    having a hard time moving I needed to do something fast. Maria has been doing trigger point, deep tissue, and orthopedic massages on me and I have been able to keep on dancing because of her, and I
    have not felt this good in 8 years. Also I have needed to loose some weight, so Maria has been doing lymphatic drainage and sudatonic infrared body wraps on me to loose inches and it is working
    already, I have lost a few inches all over in just 3 appointments. And last but not least, Maria has been doing rejuvenation face massages on me to get rid of the puffiness and circles around my eyes
    and I already look better and younger! Maria is a blessing, she is well trained, professional and very caring & loving individual. Her office is very clean and quiet and private. Maria takes the
    time to figure out what is needed for the client, you are treated like a good friend/family member, she really cares about her clients!!!

  • Martharie Moore (Friday, September 12 14 07:19 pm EDT)

    Maria thank you very much for the great massage today. I look forward to many more sessions with you. God bless you!

  • Jan (Monday, October 13 14 09:31 am EDT)

    Massage for Healing! Has changed my life after living with pain for years I am pain free Thanks So Much To Maria Marks She is A Gift With Healing HandsI If y.ou have pain Maria will make it

  • Mireille Schmitt (Monday, March 16 15 03:56 pm EDT)

    Dear Maria
    You were so nice!
    You did a very very good job for me, for my knee. And also, I could easily travel toFrance.
    Thanks you so much!
    I almos can walk now, and my doctor said I soon feel very good.
    With my best regards, God bless you!
    Mireille Schmitt

  • Tom Cunningham (Tuesday, March 17 15 09:03 pm EDT)

    Maria has a healing gift in her fingers, directed by her vast knowledge of the science of massage. More importantly she cares, working tirelessly on my issues until they\'re resolved. I recommend her
    without reservation. Thank you Maria.

  • Terry (Wednesday, June 17 15 03:34 pm EDT)

    I recently had foot surgery and Maria has helped me tremendously with the recovery. My doctor strongly urged me to continue care with Mari.I am getting terrific results and look forward to each
    visit! Thank you so much Maria!

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