Massage Therapist Maria Marks
Massage Therapist Maria Marks

Enhance your Beauty



The eyelashes that we use are soft and luxurious to the touch- basically weightless. With a healthy shine, they are the most natural-looking form of glamour available. Whether you are enhancing your natural beauty, adhering eyelash extension to each natural lash can create any look you desire. 

Each service is initiated with a consultation to help you choose the right look based on your lifestyle and lash goal. Regardless of the style you choose, we always assess your eye shape and strength of lashes to help select the appropriate type of extensions to suit your eyes. 

Natural: This look is very suitable for clients wanting noticeable yet natural-looking results. We spend 1-2 hours focusing on applying extensions to your center lashes which are naturally your longest and fullest. We recommend this style to new clients because it can easily transition into a fuller style.

Price: $120.00


Classic: This is the most popular style. If you want lashes you've never had before, then this style is for you. We spend 2-3 hours applying single extensions to each of your natural eyelashes (one-to-one application) starting from the inner to the outer corners of your eyes. We recommend the "Classic" style for clients who want to define and enhance their lashes.

Price: $150.00


Refill: 2 weeks $55.00    

                   3 weeks $75.00    

                   4 weeks $120.00


Hybrid: This look is fuller than our "Classic". The look is created using both one-to-one (one extension applied per natural eyelash) and fan applications (multiple light-weight lashes applied per natural lash). We recommend the "Hybrid" style for clients who have few natural lashes or want a look that is fuller than what "Classic" offers. We recommend this style to clients who have eyelash extensions previously.

Price: $180.00


Refill: 2 weeks $75.00    

                   3 weeks $95.00    

                   4 weeks $130.00


Volume: This is our fullest set. The look is created using only fan application; a technique where the technician creates a fan consisting of 2-6 lashes per lash, using light-weight lashes. We recommend the "Volume" style for clients attending special occasions or for those wanting a more dramatic look. We recommend this style to clients who have had eyelash extensions previously.

Price: $220.00


Refill: 2 weeks $85.00    

                   3 weeks $120.00  

                   4 weeks $150.00



We assess the health of your lashes, remove grown out lashes, and add new eyelash extensions to all your regrowth. To keep lashes looking their best, we recommend 2-3 weeks for refills. Fills time is between 45-75 minutes. 

*We require 40% of intact extensions are present to be considered for a refill.
If less than 40% of extensions are not intact, you will need a full new set. 


1 week: 2-7days  /  2 weeks: 8-14days  /  3 weeks: 15-21days  /  4 weeks: 22-31days



Price: $35.00





The lash lift will curve your lashes giving you a fresh and natural look that opens up the eye in the most beautiful way. The Lash lift is catered towards clients with long natural lashes, or those with straight or down facing lashes (lashes must be 9mm or longer). This is perfect for individuals who prefer not to wear lash extensions. It is also a low maintenance lash solution. Results can last up to 6-8 weeks.

Price: $85.00





Give yourself a flattering tint that transforms your brows from fair and sparse to full and fabulous look.  We customize this treatment to give definitionto your eyebrow, styling them to a more full, yet natural look.

Tinting is ideal for clients on the go, who do not want the daily chore of filling in sparse brows.

The session includes measuring your brows prior to making any changes, shaping by tweezing/waxing, then selecting the color that it will be better for you according to your hair color and skin tone. This process insures your satisfaction with symmetry, color and design.

Price: $45.00

Refill: $25.00





Wax away any unwanted fuzz from your face or body in minutes - attain the smooth skin ypu desire. No stubble. No razor bumps. 

  • Lip $10.00
  • Chin $13.00
  • Brows $17.00
  • Underarm $22.00
  • Bikini $40.00
  • Leg $35.00 (From knee down, includes toes)


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